תוכנה ו-QA
Key Responsibilities & Authorities:
 Leading the white box testing activities
 Deep knowledge of software algorithms
 Development of white box testing for SW algorithms,
 Developing performance tests
 Identify and create test tools to further enhance coverage
 Analysis of test results

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תוכנה ו-QA
Job Description:
 Design and build our web application with a focus on the client side.
 Develop full features in Vanilla Javascript.
 Design and create back-end services and APIs using PHP and Node.js.
 Learn and use new technologies.
 Collaborate with the rest of the development team to design and

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תוכנה ו-QA

בודק/ת תוכנה (QA) מנוסה

דרישות התפקיד:
3-4 שנות ניסיון בביצוע בדיקות QA - חובה
שליטה מלאה ב- SQL - חובה
ניסיון בבדיקות E2E - יתרון משמעותי
ידע ב - JMETER, PostMan, SoapUI
תואר ראשון במערכות מידע/מדמ"ח - יתרון
ניסיון בבדיקות בעולם הקמעונאי או כספים -
יתרון משמעותי
בדיקות API - יתרון
העבודה באיירפורט סיטי (קריית שדה התעופה)

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כספים ומטה
תיאור משרה:
- מנהל/ת משרד בעל/ת ניסיון.
- בניית מצגות
- כתיבת מסמכים באנגלית ובעברית
- ניהול יומנים וקביעת פגישות
- קבלת אנשים
- תיאום נסיעות לחו"ל
- תיוקי מסמכים
- אופציה לקידום
דרישות משרה:
- ניסיון בניהול משרד
- שליטה באופיס (בעיקר PowerPoint - בניית מצגות)
- עברית ואנגלית ברמה גבוהה מאד
- הגדל

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שיווק ומכירות
This ideal candidate will own responsibility for IoT operational projects,
including installing, operating and troubleshooting system at customer
Position Requirements:
• 1-2 Years of IT/IoT related experience.
• Knowledge in Linux.
• Knowledge of Networking and Network devices.
• Hands on

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תוכנה ו-QA

Senior Backend Engineer / Tech Leader

*Calling all great Backend Engineers*
We are looking for experienced data engineers to lead architecture and
development work on our data science platform.
Your role will include:
Building backend infrastructure (APIs, microservices, processing jobs) to
streamline processing of large datasets for

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תוכנה ו-QA
BSc in Computer science/ Computer engineering from known University - MUST.
Experience in Multithreading application designs –MUST.
Experience with Linux OS - MUST.
At least 7 years of experience in C/C++ development for embedded systems -
At least 2 years of experience with complex embedded

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משרה זו הורדה מהאתר

Senior Linux System Administrator

Work with various integrated IT infrastructure  
Provide solutions to customers and company's employees  
Availability on nights and weekends as necessary  Identify corporate needs
and provide relevant solutions  Identify issues and provide solutions

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משרה זו הורדה מהאתר
תוכנה ו-QA
Build efficient, testable, and reusable code.
Translating requirements and mock-ups into fully functioning features.
Refactor, maintain and enhance existing features.
Collaborate cross functionally with UI team members, UX design team, and
Product owners.
Identify and troubleshoot

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שיווק ומכירות
Proactively manage the product ecosystem, identify our customer’s needs
based on data, research and interviews.

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תוכנה ו-QA
 You will work in a team with the developers in Israel and abroad, and
communicate with the API using standard methods.
Commercial JavaScript development more than 3 years;
React.js more than 2 years;
Redux more than 2 years;
Node.js more than 1 year;
Testing JS

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תוכנה ו-QA
 Dealing with data on a huge scale
 Logging events then storing it in a way that can be quickly retrieved later
(either for batch processing, or user-facing key-value lookups) is
 Working with a number of off-the-shelf tools including Spark, EMR,
DynamoDb, S3, RedShif

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משרה זו הורדה מהאתר
scripting build & deploy pipelines for the company product
integrating with APIs both internally and externally
scripting build pipelines for cloud operation tasks
supporting and monitoring the company cloud solution
architecture planning implementing of future features and solution

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שיווק ומכירות

​Big Data Product Manager

Hard skills:
At least 3 years of experience as a Product Manager / System Analyst
Experience, passion and interest in Business Intelligence, Dashboards,
Reports, Data-modeling, Data warehouses, Data Integration and Big-Data
technologies – MUST
Proven experience in writing specification documents:

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הנדסה ו-R&D

QA and Regulation Manager – Dermatology Products

Job requirements:
• Education – Relevant academic degree in the field of life science
• Experience - At least two years of quality assurance in dermatology and
medical devices companies (development and selling of products)
• Advantage – experience in the dermatology field
• Very good English


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